Managing a sales team is hard. Managing them remotely is even harder.

Watch Vaughn’s latest video as he shares 3 tips to help you manage your sales team remotely.

Here are a few topics I discuss in the video:

Tip 1
Establish new routines quickly without abandoning your essential routines:

  • Weekly one on one meetings
  • Weekly Team Meetings
  • Discuss wins, collaborate offer suggestions and support

Tip 2
Don’t forget the social needs of most sales professionals

  • They need to interact.
  • You need them to stay in the game by keeping their mental balloons filled.
  • This is tough on everyone but particularly with folks who thrive on being around people.

Weekly Virtual Happy Hour. Have a virtual lunch. Make your meetings more interactive and create dialog, not a monologue.

Tip 3
What should your team be communicating with your clients and prospects? The last thing is probably to sell something.
Just be present, be there for them. Engage in the relationship. It’s as simple as saying hello and that I’m thinking of you.

There has never been a better time to reach out to past clients and just say, hello!
There has never been a better time to reach out to previous clients. Companies you have sold to before.
Have your team make 5 calls a day to previous clients and reestablish the relationship. It will pay off I promise you.

Bonus tip!

If you are not having an opening daily kick-off meeting you need to begin doing so immediately. Get that energy flow going first thing. Discuss plans and expectations. Get them connected with you and their team members and feed off the energy. They need this fuel to survive and stay in the game.


Growing and changing with the times is key to your teams success. If you need help adapting and implementing effective changes in your sales training, contact me below. Together, we can make your your sales team, doesn’t miss a beat.