Times Have Changed…

In today’s technology-driven world, information is cheap. The Internet has changed everything for prospects. No longer do they need the big sales pitch explaining all of the features and benefits of a product. There’s a website for that—and probably many of them. Ninety-eight percent of Americans with a total household income of over $75,000 use the Internet. Of the Internet users, 78% look for information online about a service or product they are thinking of buying. Prospects are savvier than ever, now that they’re armed with so much information on our products and services.

There was a time when it was a salesperson’s job to provide information, but that’s simply no longer the case. A sales person’s job now entails helping prospects identify whether they’re the right fit for a particular product or service.

This is why I’ve developed a new way of looking at selling; the game has changed, and so must the rules. Salespeople have been struggling with a changing sales environment over the past twenty years. In all that time, there have been no viable alternatives to information selling.

Since I began helping companies deal with their sales challenges, I have found myself constantly drawing on my experiences as an athlete to come up with solutions. As an All-American and Harvard Rugby Team Captain, I learned to confidently navigate a field of competitors by being distinct, developing repeatable strategies, and executing a plan with commitment and passion. The comparison with sales is obvious. With the right strategy and the right attitude, victory is possible in sales and sports alike.

My sales method is called Game Plan Selling because today’s successful sales team—like the starting line-up on any championship team—needs to know the rules, develop its own unique strategy, and follow through with the plan to achieve its goals.

My newest book, Game Plan Selling, walks you through three core principles known as the Game Plan Selling DSP to help close the sale by being:

  • Distinct from the competition, being
  • Systematic for every aspect of selling, and having a
  • Prospecting Playbook to live by.

In this eBook, I have hand-picked different concepts from the Game Plan Selling system in order to ensure that you crush your sales goal.
As you begin this process to improve your sales, you will undoubtedly face moments of uncertainty and trepidation. It can be difficult to step out of your comfort zone and learn a new and better way to sell. But if you’re willing to take those first steps outside of your normal sales routine, you will discover a world of selling success that you otherwise may never have known.

This is a personal journey as well as a professional one—I learned early on that success in sales is all about meeting personal goals. The more you sell, the more you can afford to have what you need and want in life. The only question is whether you have the determination to see the journey through.

By simply reading this eBook, you have already joined an elite group of people: those who are willing to face their weaknesses, open their eyes, and explore what is possible beyond the status quo. Congratulations on taking your first step toward the excellence that accompanies Game Plan Selling!

Remember …

It does not take long to become clear on your sales goals, tie those sales goals to your personal goals, and finally link them to your prospecting activities. Just follow this process and hit those goals.