Now is the time to keep your sales training going!

Watch Vaughn’s latest video as he shares tips on making the most of your training during the COVID 19 Crises

Here are a few topics I discuss in the video:

Don’t Stop: More than any other group, the sales team loves personal development. Don’t cut them off from that.

How have you trained in the past?
Weekly? Monthly? At least keep the same cadence. If you can pick up the pace.

2 Types of Sales Training:
Product Knowledge: This is important. You have to be an expert on what you are selling.
Sales Skills: Learning techniques and best practices.

What has been your source of training in the past?
Move that to virtual if you can using zoom and sharing the screen

Source of Training: If you don’t have a formal source, pick a sales training book like Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Bible, or the Challenger Sales or one of Brian Tracy’s books. Just pick the one you know you like. Do a book review each week or each month. Have everyone what they learned in that chapter. What were the key takeaways? What are they willing to commit to using in the future? This is Key. You need to get their commitment to making a change and practicing the new technique.Record it in their file and make sure you discuss their commitment during the next one on one meetings.


Growing and changing with the times is key to your teams success. If you need help adapting and implementing effective changes in your sales training, contact me below. Together, we can make your your sales team, doesn’t miss a beat.