Firing an employee is stressful and often delayed because many managers and executives don’t know how to perform this onerous task.

Listen to Vaughn’s podcast where he will share The 7 Step Process to Fire an Employee with No Blowback!

This podcast is perfect for any manager or leader who lacks the knowledge, process or confidence to let someone go for fear of some negative or unintended consequence. My team with Results-Driven Leadership, Tony Penn and Danny Lanz share with you our decades of experience on how to take this difficult action and avoid any after-effects.

In this podcast, three former front line business executives will give you the 7 step method that when followed, makes it far less stressful and professional.

In using it myself for decades, I know how pain-free it makes this awful task. In fact, it very often ended with a thank you and a hug from the person I was terminating. It takes work and preparation, but when you have to make a move you will be totally confident and prepared.


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